Photography | 80cm x 120cm

Our life is full of tribulations, a matter of survival. There are times when we feel "living dead" but through all these tests, we always have to win and get back ον our feet.

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Tonia Fanti


She was born in Athens, in 1957. She studied pedagogy at the Maria Montessori Institute in London, where she obtained the Early Years Educator degree. She has worked in the Marketing department for several companies. Her big passion, though, was photography, which soon became, from her favourite hobby, her everyday engagement. She loves capturing moments, feelings, people, landscapes. She has attended several photography courses at Photografikos Kyklos, Athens College and at Studio Melenikou. For the last four years, she works mainly as a photographer.Because through this art she can travel and dream.

She has taken part in various group photo-exhibitions.