Carpets 2

Acrylic, oil on canvas | 140cm x 200cm (diptych

As you watch this TV series, its immediacy and realism make you identify with the different roles. You automatically imagine what you would do to tackle these conditions and survive. On a personal level, fear dominates and any possibility of heroism goes out the window. Escaping from this reality is, I think, the dominant thought. 

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Vassilis Karakatsanis


Vassilis Karakatsanis (b.1957, Athens/Greece) lives and works in Athens. He has exhibited his work (solo exhibitions) in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Italy, Indonesia, Ecuador, Turkey, Denmark and Germany. His thematic choices and his personal artistic vocabulary are informed by his experience and observation of the surrounding world. He organizes his exhibitions by using a theatrical attitude: he transforms the mundane everyday objects into structural elements of his work.  He uses a clean and rich colour palette and vivid contrasts. He creates installations by using elements from the existing three-dimensional spaces and by transforming them into art forms. He researches with sensitivity the limits between reality and illusion.